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The purpose of this post is to share my insights wrt  the parameters, having impact on the Supplier Invoice creation point & also for the seamless processing of the POs, automatically – w/o any manual intervention for PO Processing.

At the time of “EXPLORE” Phase, the client requirement was to automate this (3rd Party Sales Processing) to the maximum extent in S/4 HANA CLOUD system.

We set “Application Jobs” (Background Jobs) for auto-creation of POs (from the PR triggered from SO) & for the auto-creation of Invoicing to customers.

However, we faced issues in the following areas:


a)  Though the POs were auto-created, they still needed manual intervention/processing (Checking ON the “GR-based IV” Control)

b)  Customer Invoices were not auto-created (as the system wanted “Supplier Invoice” to have been created)


The above two mentioned issues were sorted out, by changing the Item Category at SO creation stage to the one, as illustrated below:

(from CB2 –w/o Shipping Notification)


By the usage of the above, the POs were auto-created seamlessly (w/o the need for any manual processing) & also the Customer Invoice was auto- created (though the Supplier Invoice was yet to be created)

Suggestions, if any, are welcome.

Thank you for your time.


Sumanth Gururaj