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In this article we describe alternative deployment options of SAP S/4HANA eSPP application landscape to provide Service Parts Planning Capabilities.  

Business Requirements

If your business requires a network-based planning and distribution solution with high volumes of service parts and network locations, SAP Extended Service Parts Planning (eSPP) provides the required capabilities. 

This comprises: 

  • Increased forecasting accuracy 
  • Reduced inventory investments and increased customer fulfillment rate 
  • Deployment within your planning network 
  • External replenishment and internal kit processing 
  • Managing of complex supersession 
  • Real-time analytics and monitoring with SAP Analytics Cloud integration 
  • Transparency throughout the supply chain 

Possible Solution Options

SAP eSPP solution provides different deployment options:  

  • SAP eSPP embedded in S/4HANA 
  • SAP eSPP Digital Supply Chain Edition (DSC) as side-by-side planning solution 

Criteria to determine the most suitable target solution

Do you want to reduce your TCO? 

The embedded deployment of SAP S/4HANA eSPP provides a TCO case for many customers as the number of systems can be significantly reduced. Less interface effort decreases handling cost and risk of failure. 

Do you want to reduce your data footprint? 

With the embedded deployment of SAP S/4HANA eSPP all planning and execution processes are performed in one system, thus the replication of data is minimized. 

Do you plan to integrate eSPP with SAP ECC or another non S/4HANA ERP solution? 

With the modularity and interoperability of the DSC edition (Side-by-Side Deployment) for SAP S/4HANA eSPP, companies can quickly implement essential capabilities to address immediate disruption threats with long-term sustained benefits beyond those threats.  

Do you want to run a Hub Scenario? 

You might want to connect multiple execution systems to your planning solution. This decision can be driven for instance by risk mitigation considerations, sizing considerations, different deployment types chosen for each execution system or shared responsibilities in your company. In this case the DSC edition (Side-by-Side Deployment) for SAP S/4HANA eSPP will allow you to connect multiple execution systems starting from release 2022. 

Do you want to ensure a special risk mitigation or independency between planning and execution processes? 

DSC edition (Side-by-Side Deployment) for SAP S/4HANA eSPP offers you increased flexibility in rollout and upgrade procedures and planning job scheduling. Additionally, you reduce the impact on performance between planning and other processes, such as order fulfilment or warehouse execution.  

Decision Tree

A simplified approach to come to a decision is depicted in this decision tree. 



You have received an overview about the deployment options for SAP S/4HANA Extended Service Parts Planning. The key considerations given should support you with the choice of the right deployment in your target application landscape. 

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