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Which is preferred : SAP Certified Enterprise Architect OR TOGAF Certified EA ?


I believe that exploring SAP and TOGAF Enterprise Architecture together is good. 

Just curious to know, If SAP Certified EA practitioner will be preferred over TOGAF Certified EA in SAP Ecosystem?

'Intelligent and Sustainable Enterprise' focused SAP Ecosystem will add innovation in conventional EA model?

Your 'data-of-value' views are most appreciated here...Thanks in Advance.



hi@Rames_Prasa !

Great question. IMHO, I think it depends on the organization you might be part of (or you already are). If the company is very much SAP centric and there is a decent amount of the infrastructure/system landscape that it's SAP software... I will have a slight tendency towards SAP EA cert, although it's new and not a lot of people now about it, but the specificity will add some additional points.

In the other hand, if the company has a more mixed landscape than it's not that TOGAF will be best, it's just that the SAP EA cert might not be so valued. 

That being said, I think that a solid SAP EA should try to aim to certify both or at least have the knowledge of both certs. Mainly because there complement each other and with both you can guarantee adding the most amount of value to your organization.

This is always talking from a Certification stand point; at the end of the day more valuable than a cert is the value that you can add as a professional but that's for another thread 🙂


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Good Day! @Rames_Prasa  

Please come forward for help and ideation inputs issuing and  I could like to kindly connect with you and I have my SAP EA cert exam soon. Please ping on my below number if you are willing to sell ideas and Connect 🙂



Rajesh PS


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Both are equally beneficial  - TOGAF for EA across enterprise and SAP EA for your SAP transformation. As an EA your focus have to be beyond the SAP boundries.

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Product and Topic Expert

Hi @Rames_Prasa
first of all I liked the comment from @DiegoDora "have the knowledge of both certs".
TOGAF is the foundation of SAP EAF and gives you a good background on all the aspects an EAF should address.
With the SAP EAF we try to provide a concretized EAF. Where TOGAF lists e.g. possible output we will continue to provide concrete templates for deliverables, examples and reference content, plus much more concrete explainations on the practices you should apply in your projects.

I can't deny that our reference solution architectures are focused on SAP and partner components, but in general the framework (ie. all business architecture, practices, specifications of deliverables) go beyond the scope of SAP.
Therefore major parts of the SAP EAF should be relevant and interesting for all EA's - and that is the feedback we give.

Future tooling recommendations, tooling how-tos etc. again will focus on SAP tools, especially the latest acquisitions.
If you are less SAP affine, you are free to focus on the SAP independent parts.


MY View

Note: TOGAF is a general Enterprise architect frame work and Its any solution, product agnostic and doesnot promote or advocate any solution, product or vendor for that matter


See SAP EA methodology has a foundational co-relation with TOGAF @ ADM and it is also influenced by the same

In addition to that If you are embarking business transformation journey thru' SAP capabilities  then, you need to know more closely SAP- related  assets/Concepts like SAP EA framework, Tools, References(Business and Solution) and services adhering to SAP best practices,Guidelines,Artifacts



Hi @Rames_Prasa ,

I got TOGAF 10 practitioner certification last month because I think it will be helpful for me to prepare SAP EA certification in future. 

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hI @Hui02Wang ,

Thanks for sharing your experience. Would you be able to share the specific links for the Study material and the certification that you took?
I'm currently preparing Study wise with the TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Foundation (Level 1) Online Self-Study Materials (60 Days Access).

Would be great to compare notes and define a pseudo "Learning Journey" to get it! 🙂



Hi Diego,

I use the official PDF document "The TOGAF® Standard, 10th Edition", which you can download   from   by searching "C220 download".  

Search results for: 'C220 download' (opengroup.org)


Regarding to the certification,  I took "OGEA-103: TOGAF® Enterprise Architecture Combined Part 1 and Part 2 Exam",  I book the exam in  Pearson VUE  Test Center and fee of combined exams is lower than taking them separately. 🙂

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