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RISE Post Go Live


Interested in how we support a RISE QA/testing environment for patching/upgrades done by our RISE partner and then going live on Production.   RISE should help with the cadence of upgrades as far as doing the upgrade, but we have heard that we need to move to a business side continual testing cycle in order to support the pace of change associated with S/4 yearly upgrades along with our hybrid integrations to other cloud based Line of business solutions like Success Factors.


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Great question Marc, I am sure others have been thinking the same. I know I am interested in what the commitment is for companies as far as resources to do this testing as well. Historically upgrades have been limited to the business' ability to participate. What do people think?

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In RISE, the Upgrades are done by SAP.  Not the Partner. 
To create a more SAAS like experience within PCE we offer Planning and Regression Testing for a small additional fee.  This takes the some of the burden off the business.

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Product and Topic Expert

Hi colleagues,

The RISE could be base on S/4HANA cloud  - SAAS solution which is upgraded by SAP twice per year and the S.4HANA private cloud which is based on the S/4HANA on premise version and Technical managed services are done by SAP and the Application managed services could be done by SAP, partner or customer. The upgrade needs to follow the maintenance stream for the S/4HANA on premise/private cloud solution.


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Testing new functionality introduced with upgrades shall follow the same agile short cycles as with the initial implementation. In S/4HANA Cloud, regression testing may take advantage of built-in test automation tooling. For business scenarios integrated across multiple applications other ways to automate testing procedures may need to be considered, like iRPA, or coded scripts.           


Or, it could be a Cloud Application Services (CAS) package to do regression test.

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Product and Topic Expert

On a slightly different tangent, but still RISE: Who should be in charge of regression testing and other such questions is to be addressed at the very beginning of customer engagements among partner, customer and SAP, based on the RISE Adoption Framework. The Framework specifies the tasks throughout the SAP Activate phases, but offers options / choice for many of them the parties may want to negotiate who should take them on. It is an important conversation to be had at the start as it avoids later confusion, "forgetting" of entire workstreams and resulting finger-pointing. A great way to set and pin down expectations at engagement initiation.