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How an Enterprise Architect can leverage emerging technologies?


Dear Enterprise Architecture community,

we have recently published an interview with Vikram Rawal of Roche. It focuses on the role of enterprise architect, dealing with emerging technologies in the ERP context.

What are your experiences with emerging technologies?
How do you define their value for your organization and certain processes/ use cases?


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

@mariafay thanks for sharing your thoughts and the article. Emerging tech are quite a good conversation starter and it's extremely interesting, that most customers / companies see us more in the ECC space than the Emerging tech space. Quite challenging though to make the split between keeping the light of your current business on and exploring the impact of new technologies. Technology Exploration Projects are a great way to dive deeper here. 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

This is a great cross post of real world EA experience. Thanks for letting this community know.  It is always good to hear what people are actually doing out there.

Senior Enterprise Architect
SAP Canada


Thanks for sharing this insight. Always enlightening to know how big companies develop topics as innovation. Great give away to learn about the concept of "Emerging Technology Framework" to make tangible innovation lab efforts.