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Git and Jenkins integration on SAP Hana Cloud not working

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Hi,I created SAP Hana Trial Account [Starting with 'P*******'].I SAP Web IDE to create a SAP UI5 Application.Post that,I merged code-changes to Git repository[Integrated with SAP Web IDE].I created Jenkins [PaaS].Issue:I cannot read Git repo into Jenkins.

Please, can anyone help me with this!!!

PS: - 1. I tried link:


but could not have Jenkins up & running (as after maven-deployment, etc.), it showed a runtime Jenkins error (which I couldn't resolve).

2. So, finally, I had Jenkins running as Platform as a Service (PaaS).

I am not sure though, if Jenkins installation via PaaS is not supporting Git or not? I have heard that it has some limitations (???). Contact me on Mobile: 0414 827 995.