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Digital Signature in sap ADOBE from using Dongle


Hi All,

Client has following requirement:

End user will run a Z transaction in sap which will take date range as input. this transaction will collect all the invoices created between the date range and trigger for printing. Internally, this Z transaction calls adobe from will have field for digital signature. client will insert a dongle stick in USB for getting the digital signature.expectation is All the invoice will have digital signature automatically once submitted for printing.

Questions I have:

1. what all softwares i will need to achieve this requirement like ADS, Adobe professional version etc..?

2. How i will get the digital signature from dongle stick to adobe form? do i have to write script/ programing/ configurations to achieve it ?

3. Invoice document will be a non editable document and hence i am confuse how to bind the signature to the adobe form. do i need to use interactive forms for this?

4. will it be possible that all the steps are performed in SAP transaction without manual intervention by end user? i mean user just need to execute the z-trasaction and all the needful will be performed programatically and the documents get printed on printer with digital signature.

5. Any link or document which has explaination on this topic will be helpful.




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Hi Anand,

I am also facing issues like you and even though has done so much R&D's but, I didn't achieved yet.

Hope, we will make it as a meaningful a soon.