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Asking our own “SAP ChatGPT“ the  SAP Community Enterprise Architecture Group ….Crowdsourcing from our very Human SAP Community. 
What are the “ Top 10 Things Enterprise Architects Need to Know and Do” in 2023 ?
I would love your input as to what you think are are some of the key things or impactful things SAP Customer Enterprise Architect need to do or need to know to help their corporations and even themselves as they develop in their roles as Enterprise Architects and help their organizations. 
I will be folding this crowdsourced input  into a presentation that I will be building and evolving not just thru community input but from conversations at many Enterprise Architect SAP Community Meetups over the next few months. 
Plus most importantly sharing with the Community!
As further context here is my abstract for the session that I am crowdsourcing input into: 
Top 10 Things Enterprise Architects Need to Know and Do - SAP Community 2023 Edition
The SAP Community Network is now 20 years old and is in many ways is the “ChatGPT” for a Global Peer Group of SAP Customers”. With the ever increasing pace of not just technology but business change. The need to crowdsource and leverage the power of a Global Community has never been more important for Enterprise Architects. 
During this session you will learn 10 impactful ways Enterprise Architects that are SAP Customers can drive more value from their SAP investments today and in the future.
You will leave this session not just with actionable takeaways but how to leverage your new Enterprise Architect “ChatGPT” Assistant or “ChatEAG” - the SAP Community Enterprise Architecture Group. 
In this session we will unpack the 8 C’s of this Community and help you discover how you can tap into these to help not just your organization but you personally.
Input Request
Feel free to give me your comments and suggestions that we can share with Enterprise Architect’s at SAP Customers. 
I would greatly appreciate your thoughts and ideas as would the SAP Community.