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Disclaimer: Information provided in this blog serves only as a general overview and does not replace any legal agreements between SAP and its contractual parties. As this blog may not be updated regularly, please refer to your assigned SAP Account or Partner Manager for up-to-date information, especially regarding roadmaps, licensing and pricing models.

In his keynote at the LeanIX Connect Summit [1], Andre Christ (CEO, LeanIX) highlighted how innovation and transformation depend on collaboration, exemplified by the partnership between SAP Signavio and LeanIX. In a video shown during the keynote, Gero Decker (General Manager, SAP Signavio) announced taking this collaboration to the next level - the One Process Acceleration Layer will be made available jointly in SAP Signavio and LeanIX.

The One Process Acceleration Layer [2] centralizes SAP’s 50 years of industry expertise and experience in driving transformation initiatives into a collection of value accelerators, so customers can easily leverage benchmark data, SAP Reference Architecture and SAP Best Practices to accelerate their business transformation.


Figure 1 – SAP Signavio One Process Acceleration Layer

LeanIX and SAP Signavio: EAM and BPM unite to drive Business Transformation

During the session EAM: Integrations Deep Dive [3], Dominik Rose (VP Product Management & Platform Strategy, LeanIX) and Per Bernhardt (Director Engineering, LeanIX) shared the outlook on LeanIX and SAP Signavio integration. In the upcoming year, LeanIX will leverage the content from One Process Acceleration Layer. On the roadmap is the plan to make the SAP Reference Architecture content available on LeanIX as a Reference Catalog [4]. With this, LeanIX will be an additional channel, where customers can explore and consume the SAP Reference Architecture Content.

What’s next?
To kick-off this initiative, a joint Minimum Viable Product between SAP Signavio and LeanIX will start and will focus initially on making the cross-industry Business Capability Model from the SAP Reference Architecture Content available to customers.

Future releases will focus on making available other elements of the SAP Reference Architecture Content, such as the Business Process Model and Solution Components. Moreover, industry-specific content will be made available in future releases.

Stay tuned for future updates as this initiative progresses.

Do you want to learn more about the SAP Reference Architecture Content? The standardized SAP Reference Architecture Content provides a harmonized Business and Solution Architecture Reference content which customers can leverage to accelerate their business transformation. The content aims to align business and IT by mapping business capabilities and processes with IT solutions. Check the blog SAP Reference Architecture Content: An Overview [5] to learn more.

Do you want access to the SAP Reference Architecture Content? As part of the Beta program, the SAP Reference Architecture Content is currently available on SAP Signavio. Check the blog Success for the One Process Acceleration Layer Beta Program, underway with over 120 users  [6] to learn more.

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