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This article is just my personal views on what changes we have seen in the last decade and what we are expecting to see from SAP in the next century.

BIMODAL IT and Digital Twins had taken internet by storm in the last decade as many organizations had built their digital innovation centers to digitize their back end and fronted business processes across multichannel platforms and enable data driven decision making.

SAP had responded to it by scaling all their products and doing cloud acquisitions where required to enable organizations to transact digitally across all channels and  business service lines and industries.


Key changes in the Last Century - Moving ERP to Cloud

  1. Process modelling, mining insights, automation, collaboration, and governance became standard for designing future business processes

  2. Zero Trust Security and Identity Authentications to integrate applications

  3. Fiori, Node JS, Cloud Foundry Apps became gold standard for building User Interfaces

  4. In-Memory computing and data lakes with cloud analytics became norm for data virtualization, validation, and distribution

  5. Integration Platform as a Service and API strategy became the foundation of integrations between many SAP on-premises and cloud systems to connect with other systems at ease

  6. Accelerated integrations to applications and devices and CI/CD processes for building composite applications leveraging CAP and RAP

  7. Simplified and accelerated show and tell configuration workshops via model company templates

  8. EI and IQ data driven change SAP Jam and Enable now Learning

  9. On Demand  and Remote Trainings

  10. CI/CD Deployment


Future Changes in the Next Century- Moving ERP to the Possibilities of Space:

  1. Chat GPT Aided Cloud Native Best Practice Business Processes on SAP Netflix tailored to industry that provides customers ability to buy and integrate a set of processes according to their business model and change those services in future when business model changes as per the advice of Chat GPT. These processes should leverage first principal design thinking and be built using cloud native app development principles than heavy lifting and transitioning the current legacy SAP ABAP investments into the new platform.

  2. Sustainable Customer Journey Experience management in Metaverse and ability to simulate and tweak the processes based on the process efficiencies using ChatGPT by integrating the data from external and internal markets

  3. Cryptocurrencies and non-fungible tokens, Genome  and Synthetic Biology to transact between suppliers, customers and organizations to source and build circular models and sustainable products by opening a third axis in the engineering phase space: physical, chemical, and biological

  4. Blockchain based data governance to validate govern and distribute manufacturing, engineering, sales and services, marketing,inventory, financial, supply chain,R & D innovation data openly and securely between Public, Private and Financial Sectors for developing doughnut and sustainable economics and produce triple bottom line reports across the value chain

  5. Quantum Business User Psyche analysis Data Analytics that feed data to AI models to  predict and auto improve process inefficiencies and distribute data across value chains by learning and predicting from past, current , future consumer behaviors

  6. Dall- E based business processes to reduce the paperwork

  7. SAP Diffusion Metaverse enabled Change  Transformation  and training stories to connect people to vision to target business value in live by taking them on a customer simulation journey in the Metaverse

  8. Generative AI Machine and Natural learning threat intelligence and intrusion detection-based security models integrated to identity authentication to protect against quantum attacks

  9. NLP and AI Devops to predict the business model, build and deploy the apps, decommission, and auto correct based on changes in macro-economics regulatory and legacy policies, political dynamics, and consumer behaviors


What are other changes that you guys expect to see from SAP😊 in the new avatar? Will we be able to cut the above changes?Love to hear your ideas on what would be next generation SAP Avatar!