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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

We are happy to announce a new training offer for SAP customers and partners in the context of the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework – the SAP Intelligent Enterprise Architecture Foundation Training (IEA10).

With this intensive 5-days training course, you will gain

  • Insights on what the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework is about
  • how it is applied and
  • how you can leverage it to accelerate your architecture engagements

The training is structured in 8 units and follows the methodology defined within the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework.

A theoretical enterprise architecture education session is be combined with hands-on exercises in context of an end-to-end case study.

A complete enterprise architecture engagement from an initial business strategy assessment to the implementation roadmap will be exercised and simulated over the course of the five days.

Offerings will be available in virtual and face-to-face (restrictions may apply) setup starting in Q1 2023.


Please use the following link to register for the SAP Education training course: SAP Intelligent Enterprise - Architecture Foundation (IEA10).


SAP Enterprise Architecture Training - Background

With the creation and definition of the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework it was clear that a training offering for customers, partners and SAP employees will be required to enable the adoption and to realize the full value potential of the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework. A working group of experienced architects across the SAP organization co-created this training offer while keeping a balance between theoretical content and practical exercises inspired by real-world situations and scenarios. With the announcement of the training offer we have reached an important milestone and we are looking forward to further evolve this training offering.


SAP Enterprise Architecture Training - Highlights

The Enterprise Architecture training is centered around the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework in combination with a tangible case study to gain hands-on experience.



Figure 1 – SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework

For more detailed information on the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework, please refer to the following blog: SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework

Here are some highlights of the educational class:


Introduction and deep dive into SAP’s Customer Facing Enterprise Architecture Methodology and relevant artifacts as outlined in our Metro Map:



Figure 2 - SAP Enterprise Architecture Methodology – Metro Map


The focus of the training offer is to explain each artifact depicted on the metro map in general terms as well as through a step-by-step approach. You will learn how to create each individual artifact by taking internal and external information into account. Templates and examples help an even better understanding, and where applicable, we will share best practices and lessons learned through experienced SAP Enterprise Architects. This is especially the case when customers and partners turn into a hand-on experience mode while discussing the results of the various exercises.



Figure 3 – Sharing of Enterprise Architecture Best Practices (illustrative)


Reference Architecture Content

One of the key highlights of the training program is the application of the Reference Business Architecture (RBA) and the Reference Solution Architecture (RSA). Beside the general introduction of the core domains and models (as outlined in the following graph), you will learn how to apply the reference architecture in your architecture engagement.



Figure 4 - SAP Enterprise Architecture Methodology - Overview of core domains & models


With the support of the Reference Architecture, you will see and experience that you do not have to start your enterprise architecture engagement on a blank page anymore but leverage business capabilities and process models to jumpstart your work and further detail out the architecture relevant details.

For more detailed information on the SAP Reference Business and Reference Solution Architecture, please refer to the blog of Maria Goltz SAP Reference Architecture Content: An Overview


Enterprise Architecture Tools

A set of tools will be introduced and demonstrated to derive the best and most up-to-date architecture content throughout the enterprise architecture engagement cycle.

We will explore the Signavio Process Explorer - One Process Acceleration Layer (OPAL) as a primary means to navigate through the SAP Reference Architecture, or the SAP API Business Hub to access integration architecture content. Other tools will be in use to gain insights into e.g., availability of product features or availability of data centers for specific SaaS applications etc.


Figure 5 - SAP Reference Architecture

Enterprise Architecture Service

During the training you will get to know the Enterprise Architecture services offered by SAP, featured by the SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework:


Figure 6 – Modular Enterprise Architecture Service Offering Modules


Enterprise Architecture Case Study

Our case study simulates a real-world customer situation and provides the red thread for the architecture engagement cycle. Starting from the assessment and break down of a company’s business strategy up to the application roadmap, various exercises bring the theoretical content to life and the reference architecture into action. A good mix of theory and hands-on experience session make this training offer a unique experience.


Figure 7 – Case Study introduction

During the various exercises you will work in small groups and in support of state-of-the-art collaboration tools.

Enterprise Architecture Certification

The five day training offer builds a solid baseline for your certification as SAP Certified Professional - SAP Enterprise Architect. For more information on the certification program, please read this blog: Get Your Enterprise Architect Skills Certified to Boost Your Career

Enterprise Architecture Training Roadmap

With the current training offer we deliver the foundation training in combination with a case study, hands-on exercises and a certification program. Further extensions of the training are planned and will be announced in due course. The following roadmap outlines the evolution of the training offer:




Figure 7 – Enterprise Architecture Training Roadmap


For whom is the training offer?

Target audience of the enterprise architecture training are the following roles:

  • Enterprise Architects
  • Solution Architects
  • Business Architects


What are the pre-requisites for the EA class?

It is essential that you have a basic understanding of TOGAF, preferably you are TOGAF certified.

Furthermore, it is recommended to have a

  • Good understanding of business strategy, organization, functional and process concepts
  • Good understanding of IT strategy, organization, applications, data and technology concepts.

As we are working in a virtual environment you should be proficient with collaboration tools such as Zoom, Teams and Mural.


Why should I join this Enterprise Architecture training?

Despite other enterprise architecture education offerings, this training is a unique investment in people skills as it combines:

  • a proven methodology
  • with a real-world case study
  • for an end-to-end architecture engagement cycle
  • in combination with a reference architecture
  • and the support of tools
  • leading to an enterprise architecture certification
  • all provided by SAP


What do other customers say about the training?

We had the chance to conduct a first pilot training with Bayer with the following feedback:

“… thank you very much for the very insightful training on your SAP Enterprise Architecture methodology. Especially valuable for us was the connection between solid architecture methodology and ready-to-use reference architecture artifacts. This fills the gap between theoretical architecture courses and pure tool trainings and really helps us to further mature our Enterprise Architecture practice.”

Carsten Abbenhaus, Enterprise Architect, Bayer


How can I attend the training?

 Please use the following link to register for the SAP Education training course: SAP Intelligent Enterprise - Architecture Foundation (IEA10).

Alternatively, please reach out to me for tailored training offers such as on-site training courses, professional skills extension, etc.



Great overview of the training content, René!

I think the included hands-on exercises based on a customer case study does add great value to the theoretical part since it gives all participants the chance to instantly apply the acquired knowledge.

It also helps to learn how to use SAP's information sources efficiently.

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Hello Rene,

is it planned to publish the training also in the Learning Hub or is it a Virtual Learning Class exclusive?

Kind regards Tobi

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
0 Kudos

Hello Tobias,

the training will be conducted as Virtual Learning Classroom or classroom training as the hands-on experience is of crucial importance for the learning success.

Looking forward meeting you in one of the trainings.



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

At this point in time, I would like to express my appreciation and kudos to the team to make this training offering happen. 

Big thank to:

@Stefan_Fassmann @Thomas_Hurst @AndreasPoth @IvanaTrickovic @peterklee @DirkMiethe @rami_chidda

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Rene & team,
the announcement of the training, externally and internally available is a key step to drive Enterprise Architecture @Former Member and its community.

Look forward to the final training and things to come!!!

I am sure it will stay a pleasure to collaborate!


Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Much awaited official SAP Education Training course on Enterprise Architecture

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Hi Rene and Team,

Thanks for posting the details on the traning. It would indeed be a great opportunity to learn on this topic via classroom or virtual training sessions. I do not see this open yet in India. 

Any idea by when the virtual / hybrid sessions would open in India ? I tried to raise the request for training form, but it does not take India or any field in the "Where" field. 

Thanks & Regards,


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Hi Rene,

Is there a certification along with this training?



Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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Hi Rohit,

yes, we are currently developing the certification extension along the training. It is planned to be ready in Q1/2023 (digital badge).




Guys , it was a surprise, I never attend such a training BootCamp like this before , for PE sessions , it was really sooo useful sooo professional, open minds to image the whole picture and compare a lot of methodologies on one roadmap such DT methodology and activate methodology imbedded in EA methodology, it was a great experience with structured training content and knowledgeable guys , thanks a lot 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hi Mou,

thanks a lot for the great feedback.

We really enjoyed the partner pilot training.



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Thank you Rene for this information.

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Dear All,

if you are interested in the virtual training offer, the next dates are the following ones:

24.4-28.4.2023 Americas timezone


8.5.-12.5.2023 APAC timezone


Moving forward, we are planning to offer one training per region and quarter.


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Great Summary & Overview!