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Product and Topic Expert

Let’s face it: When it comes to business transformation and shifting more and more workload to the cloud, organizations need to trust and rely on the skills of those who can bridge both business and technology needs to secure outcomes and stay the forefront of innovation. Hence it comes as no surprise that the role of the enterprise architect, who precisely has this proficiency, has become increasingly vital. In fact, the role was even the number one best career in the United States in 2022 according to a recent ranking by Glasdoor. Conversely, this means: Those who can demonstrate their expertise in enterprise architecture can be set up for success and career growth. And this is where a new certification program from SAP comes in.

Showcase your expertise and increase your marketability

Launched just a couple of hours ago, SAP has introduced the first role-based certification for enterprise architects with a clear career path and credentials. If you are an experienced SAP professional with a comprehensive understanding of solutions and technology, end-to-end business processes, reference architecture, and the strategic aspects of enterprise architecture, this new certification can help you stand out from the crowd, open new career opportunities, increase your earning potential, and foster job security. After all, a recent report shows that 37% of certified professionals received salary increases and 27% were offered job promotions.

Apply your knowledge to shine in the exam

To get certified, you can make use of SAP’s dedicated exam preparation guide to get you started on the topic areas and learning recommendations that will help you excel at your test. But don’t worry! The exam will not be based on theoretical knowledge only. You will have the chance to shine with applied knowledge. And before you take the test, you can easily connect with peers and SAP experts to exchange information about enterprise architecture, ask questions, search for answers, and access additional resources in a dedicated learning group.

Being future proof is what every organization wants to be. Get your skills validated with SAP’s latest enterprise architect certification, demonstrate that you are equipped with the skills to drive business value on a large scale, and take your career to the next level. You can find more information on the enterprise architect certification on the SAP Learning site.