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“Forward together, next-gen Ecosystem” | SAP PAC Inspire 2021 and SAP ICC 25th Anniversary Summit Successfully Held

Nov 30, 2021 SAP PAC Inspire Summit with the theme of "Bringing ecosystem innovation together to lead industrial transformation", was successfully held. Guests gathered in Wenchang at the annual summit of SAP PAC, celebrating the 25th anniversary of SAP ICC, experiencing the new achievements of ecosystem innovations, and witnessing the launch of the next generation of co-innovation basing on SAP BTP. As in previous years, the guests and partners at the summit had clear synergies of collaboration and innovation. They found each other's cooperation scenarios and enthusiastically create brand new innovations based on the SAP Business Technology Platform, list on the SAP Store and build industry clouds together, looking forward to "March Forward to Cloud Era".

At the beginning of the summit, Peisong LI, Head of SAP Partner Adoption Center Great China, expressed his sincere gratitude to the customers, partners and guests who have supported the PAC for five years, and reviewed the mission and achievements of SAP ICC as a digital ecosystem enabler for 25 years, and introduced the business and strategy of SAP next-gen ecosystem.

Beginning from 2010, ICC China began to work with many digital pioneers such as SGCC/China Power, PCITC and Shooin Technology to start co-innovation business, helping them to build industry solutions based on SAP technology and promote them to external markets.

Since 2012, ICC has started co-innovation with outstanding Chinese technology companies represented by Lenovo, Huawei, Inspur and Alibaba Cloud, etc. with SAP to serve the global market. In September 2020, Premier Li Keqiang visited the SAP PAC and emphasized the importance of China's vibrant software partner ecosystem. In addition, we have helped more than 100 outstanding ISV companies from China, relying on SAP's global industry experience, finding scenarios and co-innovating to make wider and deeper enterprise applications.

Christian Klein, CEO and Member of the Executive Board of SAP, sent a message to the summit participants in which he talked about the key role played by the SAP Partner Adoption Center in Shanghai in developing strong partnerships and how he looked forward to the continued collaboration with SAP Business Technology Platform at the center of the next generation of innovation in China.

Afterwards, Li Peisong gave an in-depth introduction to the guests on topics including the opportunities of the new digital economy, the fast track to the cloud era, SAP Store, and industry clouds.

Prof. Dr. Henning Kagermann delivered a keynote speech which entitled "Sharping the Digital Ecosystem Together". For more than a decade, innovation with customers and business partners has been a key strategy for SAP, which is the only way for the company to ensure competitiveness and future viability. Today, SAP is proposing a "Global Business Ecosystem". As technology and business models mature, collaboration in an open, adaptive business ecosystem will create tremendous added value and growth potential for the enterprise. Dr. Henning hopes that partners and customers will be inspired by the summit and encouraged to share knowledges, experience and best practices in order to contribute to the establishment of a global business network.

With 25 years globally and 5 years in China of successful operation, SAP PAC continues to deliver a strong message to the market that SAP is not only an innovative company, but also an innovative platform company that helps many ecosystem companies innovate and obtain significant economic benefits with its leading, open technology and industry experience.

SAP PAC continues to build an open and huge ecosystem and innovation environment with customers, partners and many industrial innovation companies to help customers digitalization transform, re-structure customer experience, business models and operations, and collaborate to promote the ecosystem collaborative innovation strategy of enterprises, which will provide better services to speed up China's industrial economy and contribute unique value to the development of China's economy.

Guest Speech

Guest executives are invited to have speech on their cooperation’s with SAP:

  • Peng Zhen, CEO of Inspur Electronic Information Industry, shared New power of smart computing leads to new economy for all.

  • Shi Zhonglin, Director of Strategic Partner Cooperation, Huawei Enterprise BG, shared how Huawei and SAP help companies reach their digitalization ambitions.

  • Xia Yingli, Intel China Partner and reginal development director, shared Intel and SAP help companies upgrade information technology.

  • Li Jing, CEO of SIKULIFang, shared Best practice of finance cloud management of new generation.

  • Qin Xiaokang, President of SUSE Greater China, shared How to lead to the future with digitalization through open source and innovation.

  • Hua Junwu, Founder of Cool College, shared How Cool College helps the mutual growth of corporate talents and businesses.

  • Kong Lingbo, CEO of ACEWILL, shared Business and Finance integration assists the healthy development of Chinese Catering.

  • Chen Yang, Vice president of UROVO, Shenzhen, shared How to newly establish intelligent manufacture.

  • Bai Zhitao, Technical Director of SHOOIN Technology Development, shared Digitalization of supply chain and the new start of digital and intelligence integration.

  • Qi Bing, Camelot Chief Solutions Officer, shared Application and operation of Cloud Generation.

  • Hu Yuan, Sales Director of Checkpoint China, shared Application and implementation of brick-and-mortar digital retail.

  • Zhang Ping, Intsig general manager of overseas business, shared AI empowers the digital transformation of supply chain of SAP customers.

  • SAP Industry Cloud Partner Solution Launch Ceremony – Acewill Catering SaaS

  • SAP ICC certification signing ceremony with Acewill, Sikulifang, Yunzhanfang, CoolColleage and SOMA.

  • SAP Store listing and launching ceremony with eSign, Wavelink, Zebra and Intsig.

  • Panel: How to gather ecological forces to accelerate the economic development of the digital industry

    • Shi Zhongling, Huawei Alliance Director

    • Chen Xi, IT Director of Zvalley

    • Zeng Jiajie, COO of SAIC Cloud Center

    • Fu Hongyue, Sales Director of Sikulifang

    • Zheng Tony, Strategy Business Director of SAP Labs China


SAP Integration and Certification Center

The SAP Integration and Certification Center (SAP ICC) helps partners and independent software vendors support our customers by testing and certifying the integration of solutions with SAP technologies. We provides services around third-party software integration with SAP solutions. We offer an open program for any partner or independent software vendor, who has an app or a solution and wishes to have their solution or interface certified with the latest SAP technologies.

SAP Partner Adoption Center

Operated by SAP ICC, the SAP Partner Adoption Center (PAC) aims to leverage SAP's cutting-edge technology to provide one-stop services including innovative platforms, supporting technologies, marketing and flexible venues, working with partners and customers to incubate innovative products and solutions that serve the digital transformation of industries and help customers move towards an intelligent enterprise.