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On Demand Recordings and Presentations from the SAP Enterprise Architecture Global Summit - 2022 Edition

Enterprise architects are now entering into the age of the agile. Instead of spending months or years modeling and enforcing inflexible standards for processes and technologies, enterprise architects are expected to closely work with business areas and rapidly develop high-value applications for employees and customers.

Now couldn’t be a better time to further develop your skills and knowledge in delivering value faster, collaborating with business teams, and developing adaptable architectural principles.

To help Enterprise Architect’s we came together as a community virtually from March 1-3, 2022 for our SAP Enterprise Architect Global Summit. This event was a collaboration between SAP and SAPinsider, all with an added purpose of helping Enterprise Architects connecting the dots to better understand today’s in SAP Technologies.

Throughout this three-day, virtual event, we explored leading-edge tools, competencies, and practices that can help you and your team enable your business to adapt to every change. We also gave attendees a sneak peek into our new community of practice: SAP Community Enterprise Architect Group.

We had over 3,500 Enterprise Architect’s from over 100 countries registered for our event this week.

We had great representation from not just SAP customers – but SAP Partners and SAP as well.Our agenda was packed with inspiring keynote strategy talks, interactive expert Q&A discussions, demos, and deep-dive breakout sessions. We had a rockstar lineup of speakers for this EPIC event.

Here are some of the 40 plus great sessions that were presented during the SAP Enterprise Architect Global Summit that you can access now:

  • Corporate Explorers: How Corporations Can Beat Startup's at the Innovation Game
  • Architecting the Enterprise with Practical Sustainability
  • SAP’s Integration Strategy for the Intelligent Enterprise
  • ERP Modernization: The Hidden Route to Business Application Renovation and Innovation
  • SAP Business Technology Platform – Unpacking the B and the T
  • RISE with SAP – Why Enterprise Architecture is Key to Success
  • Deep Dive on SAP Business Process Intelligence - Enterprise Architect's Edition
  • The Evolution of the Enterprise Architect
  • How EA’s Can Prepare the Next Generation of EA’s – and Themselves

We also featured four tracks of three deep dive sessions focused on these four themes:

  • SAP Enterprise Architecture Framework
  • RISE with SAP
  • SAP Business Technology Platform
  • Innovating businesses with SAP’s Low-Code/No-Code offering

Accessing On Demand Recordings and Presentations - SAP Enterprise Architecture Global Summit 

Here is the link to the event microsite  for you to discover and explore over 40 sessions from SAP experts from all over the world. 

Join our SAP Community Enterprise Architecture Group

As a SAP Community Enterprise Architecture Group we planning on focusing on various roles including: Enterprise Architecture, Business Architecture, Application Architecture, Solution Architecture, Data Architect and Infrastructure Architecture. It is our plan to also help people that are beginners to Enterprise Architecture as well as a very focus on “Women in Enterprise Architecture”.

You will also see a special focus on skills development not just covering technical topics but topics such as storytelling, emotional intelligence, design and innovation thinking, and much more. It's not just about helping organizations by individuals as well with their development and growth. 

You may need to join the community first by clicking in the upper right hand corner person icon  and create a new user login. If you have already joined the TechEd of Coffee Corner Communities previously you will just click on the icon and it will log you in.

You can find the SAP Community Enterprise Architecture Group site here

There has never been a more exciting time for enterprise architects to come together, learn together, and work together. 


We hope you join our community SAP Community Enterprise Architecture Group – A Community of Engagement and Practice.

Full List of Available On Demand Sessions from SAP Enterprise Architecture Global Summit - 2020 Edition

Access All Session Recordings and Presentations Here







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