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🔴 Sneak Peek on SAP AppGyver Integration Into SAP BTP


Learn the plans for integrating SAP AppGyver into SAP Business Technology Platform. See how to enable authentication, use SAP BTP destinations inside SAP AppGyver, and share projects with colleagues. But also hear plans for enabling data modeling, creating backend Visual Cloud Functions, and more. (DISCLAIMER: No guarantees on when or if the features will be delivered.)

With Marc Huber


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Thanks for the great session @MarcHuber ! In the session, data from the backend is read but is it possible to update/create/delete data with BTP authentication? I know that this was not possible before unless manually effort such as fetching csrf-token and custom JS and so on.

I raised this question a while ago and wondering if this feature is released yet. 

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Yes you are right. Unfortunately the feature is not yet released, but we are working on it.
But there a 2 additional workarounds:

1. You can use SAP graph as destinations. This will get rid off the csrf error.
2. You can use SAP API management as an additional layer between 

Best regards,