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🟣 How to simplify your data fetching life with RTK Query


Last year, we learned the benefits of state management using Redux and Redux Toolkit. This year, we are building on that and learning all about one of the tools provided out of the box with Redux Toolkit, RTK Query. Cut down on code you need to write or maintain when getting the data your application needs by automatically handling caching, error handling, loading, and more with RTK Query. While RTK Query is UI agnostic, this presentation will be using React. Previous knowledge of React and Redux Toolkit is required.

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Hi @MichelleMoudy ,
Can I compare/kind of this solution with out of box simple to do data binding (JSON/XML/OData ) in SAP UI5/OpenUI5 ?

- Sathees

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Hi @Former Member,
Data binding and models in UI5 are very similar to state management solutions like Redux. There is no real equivalent to the Redux Toolkit (RTK) Query in UI5, as it is just a different way of saying "fetch", which UI5 does behind the scenes. 
I hope this helps.
BR, Nico