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🟡 Devtoberfest 2023 Gaming Night session 2 of 2


We are back with another fun filled game night amongst SAP friends!  A few things to note, 

  • This is session 2 of 2 happening at a more convenient time in the Europe and Americas time zones.
  • Join the discord server to connect and collaborate on the game you want to play or host.
  • Thomas Jung will be hosting a game of Ultimate Chicken Horse , I have literally no idea what that is about…
  • And, does anyone like points for the Devtoberfest contest?  If so, go check out the community post to learn how to snag a few extra points once week 2 of Devtoberfest starts

please note there is an alternate earlier gaming night calendar appointment here if that works better for you

Featured Guests
Featured Guests
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Developer Advocate

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