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Universal ID - Multiple accounts conflict


I have three users linked to Universal ID (S user for my company, and two personal P and S)

I made a lot of tutorials with the S company user and I was thinking of using this same user for Devtoberfest and TechEd, but when I joined this group using this user it was not detected by the gameboard.

This is the profile for S user

And the profile for P user

With the consolidation tool I set up the P account as primary, but it seems that only works for blogs and questions.

There are any options to merge tutorials, register to this group with the S user, or make the gameboard work with the universal id?


Community Advocate
Community Advocate

Hi @JaimeRodriguez - thanks for letting us know. I've forwarded the issue to a team member who will look into this for you via IT \ UID Support Team.

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@KatherineKenneally is there a group on that the UID team would like real world feedback from real customers in real situations. 

I would be more than happy to provide such feedback or having those conversations. 


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Hi @Nigel_James - thanks for asking. Right now we have this open discussion: Ask and Comment About the Community Platform and Migration and there will be other threads opened to coincide with our planned Monthly Migration Series calls with Q&A (includes UID). First of the series: Monthly Migration Series: Let’s Talk - New Home for the SAP Community (Option 1).

We also have our support page.

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I  see this a lot with Universal Id  - while it is still one id to log in, subsequent sites are accessed with one id or another. 

I also have 3 sub id's - my community id I have had for 20 years, my new P id for my universal id and an S id for raising notes.

While I applaud Universal id it is not quite SSO (yet)

I don't think this will be an issue for my gameboard as I registered for TechEd with my community id (I think)




Yeah similar/same issue. When I login with my personal (P) user ID to lets say Then I can not go check SAP Notes, because for that I need S user ID.

My workaround is open incognito browser window and login with S User there to check SAP Notes 😞

-- Tomas --

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I had this problem for about a year, but I wonder if the message at top of all community pages is a signal that a solution is finally here on Sep. 5th? 

Starting on September 5, the SAP Community will switch to SAP Universal ID as the only option to login. Create your SAP Universal ID now! If you have multiple S- or P- accounts, link your accounts to SAP Universal ID. Switch to SAP Universal ID Today!


no I just this this means you can't log in "the old way" with your p user directly


Hmm if that’s what the yellow box on top of all community pages means, I am confused because I have for the past year only been able to login with universal id.

Anyway, the date in the yellow box has passed without any noticeable change.

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In my case, I have one of my Universal ID (UID) linked to several emails, with S, C and P accounts.

I have identified what each account was used for and unified the accounts into a primary identity to access the community.

Today, I can access all the services that continue to use the SAP ID but not those that are linked to the UID, since having a C user requires that my email be registered in Azure AD.

This is the third time I have had this incident (each time SAP tries to enable the UID as a unique identity service), something that prevents me from working normally.

For example, to participate in the Devtoberfest, you had to create a new account, with a new UID, otherwise you could not access the tutorials.

I had to start from scratch (I have some missions carried out in my original identity) and register again with the new identity in the events.

The issue of identity management and SSO is something that has been pending for far too long.

This is said by someone who has had his UID since 2019.

PS.- In the end, I will have multiple personality problems.. 🙂