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Required info on email "SAP Devtoberfest 2022 Prize Eligibility Information"


Yesterday, I received an email with subject ""SAP Devtoberfest 2022 Prize Eligibility Information" and content in the below image.

I am wondering why these information were not asked for prize level 4 draw? Are the rules different for prize level 3 & 2 ?





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The rules have been known from the start and probably they asked the 10 people with intact California Dreamin' the same questions before they got the prize.

Actually, one of the rules are only for the level 4 prize, so they shouldn't ask you question 4. 

     4. Is your organization in a competitive bid or sales cycle with SAP? (Yes/No):

According to the rules question 4 is only for "any prize in any tiers that exceeds $100, as determined by SAP."

Ok, it says "as determined by SAP", so maybe SAP determined that a stadium scarf has a value that exceeds $100 😀

Best regards Thomas Madsen Nielsen

All the leaves are brown, and the sky is gray .... but that is all that is left of my California Dreamin' on such an autum day.



In fact, the validation was much more extensive for level 4 prize.  Naturally has it has a much larger value.  And there was a smaller pool of people that could win compared to qualifiers.  With level 2 and 3 a much larger percentage of qualifiers should be able to receive prizes, therefore it makes sense just email and check on everyone in advance.  The opposite was true of level 4 prize. 

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@TMNielsen ; they have sent email before  the draw of prize level 2 & 3 (Not after getting my name in draw as a winner of any prize)! So I think this email should have come before the draw of prize level 4.

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

For level 4 we did the drawing but then did a eligibility check on each of the winners.  Actually, due to the value of prize of level 4, more detailed checks were required. 

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Hi @thomas_jung 

I made it to the Nerdvana. But I don't think I got any email verifying any of my details.

Am I missing anything here?

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Thanks, Thomas. Makes sense! So for level 3 and 2 it is required before, can't follow the procedure similar to level 4?