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Devtoberfest 2023 - Integration track sessions

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

We are only two weeks away from the first session of this year's Devtoberfest, our annual virtual celebration dedicated to the SAP developer community. This year, we are introducing an integration track 🔴 as part of Devtoberfest 🎉🥳. As usual, there is a lot going on in the integration space, and as part of Devtoberfest 2023 we will have sessions covering the following topics: APIs and Events, Tools for integration developers, Connectivity, Migrating to SAP Integration Suite.

As you might be aware, every track is assigned a unique day across the four weeks that Devtoberfest takes place and Wednesdays will be all about integration.


You can find all the different tracks/sessions that are part of Devtoberfest here. You can filter all events by selecting the topic (label) you are interested in, e.g. integration 😉.

Let me quickly share all the sessions that we will have as part of the integration track:

20th of September:

27th of September:

4th of October:

11th of October:

Note: If you click on any of the times of the sessions above, you will download the calendar invite for the session.

So go ahead and RSVP to the different sessions you are interested in. Also, make sure to download the calendar invites so that you don't miss the session and you can get a chance to ask the speaker any questions that you might have about the topic.

Happy learning this Devtoberfest 2023!