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🟑 Devtoberfest 2023 Gaming Night Discussion

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

Thanks so much for attending game night and/or commenting about your favorite games.  This post is now locked from further replies. 


Hey everyone!  

If you are attending our game night session 1 or session 2   or if you don't attend, we wanted to provide a place besides the discord server chat where you could come and leave a comment about your experience.  What game did you play?  Did you host a game?  What was your favorite game to as a kid?  Did you have a favorite gaming console?  

Basically if you want some points for the Devtoberfest contest commenting on this thread is a super easy way to get credit for week 2 #FunFriday! 



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I had almost each and every game console, but my top favorite games are:

  • Contra
  • Metal Gear
  • Resident Evil
  • Ultima Online
  • WoW
  • Quake
  • Counter - Strike 

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I used to play this a lot πŸ™‚



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My favorite always was FIFA and it seams like an official end of my "youth gamer career" that the Franchise is now discontinued. But nowadays I love to play Rocket League together with a friend in 2 vs 2 mode. Somebody else here into Rocket League?