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Badges earned w/o participating?

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Hey there!

I receive notification mails


Although I didn't work on this challenge...

The badges are assigned to me; I didn't only get a wrong mail:


A colleague also told me that he was getting notification mails about earned devtoberfest badges even though he didn't register to devtoberfest.

Plus: The share on twitter link generates a tweet with this text:

Which does not seems to be correct.
I expected something like this:
What's going on there?

Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

But you have registered for Devtoberfest by joining this very group.  You wouldn't be able to post in this thread if you hadn't joined. So, you are receiving that badge for having joined this group.  The other badges are for tutorials that are part of Devtoberfest.  We give credit to everyone who has completed the tutorials in the past since it's not possible to complete them again. 

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Hey @thomas_jung 

Thanks for your comment. I did not run the "#E916A7 - Devtoberfest 2022 - Display Database Content and Run SQL Queries" mission but received the badge for doing so.

You've never completed the tutorial for this task in the past?  Even if a few years ago we are giving credit to past completions of the tutorials for these tasks.

okay then this is the "error".I attended this tutorial, but not in context of the current devtoberfest.

Yes. We "error" on the side of caution by giving everyone credit for the tutorial regardless of when it was completed. Otherwise, we would penalize people that have already completed key tutorials in the past.  

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With "error" I meant that I did not attend the mission in the context of devtoberfest! 😉