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About the drawings for the Devtober Fest prizes

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Hi everyone.

Firstly, thanks everyone involved in the Devtober Fest organization, I've enjoyed learning so much new things day by day. I definitely will go back to all the stuff which I couldn't complete during October.

Will the drawings for the tier 2 and 3 prizes be broadcasted live?

Why the 10 trips were not drawn with a lottery method and broadcasted live?

Kind regards,



Developer Advocate
Developer Advocate

There are a few logistical reasons why drawing live didn't make sense.

  • The validation necessary for giving away the tier 4 prize worth thousands of USD is obviously much more intensive than what is necessary for tier 1-3. 
  • We can't draw or announce anything for the big prize until all winners are validated and the winners accept the prize and the terms associated. Therefore, the validation and acceptance from the winners has to happen in advance.
  • There were 94 people who reached Nerdvana and were in the drawing for the grand prize. 
  • Rather than pre-validate all 94 people with the extensive checks it made more sense to draw 10 finalist and 5 runner ups and then only perform the extensive validations on those 10 (and if necessary any of the runner ups that move up). This removes a lot of unnecessary work. 
  • Time also was not our friend. Devtoberfest is intended to be a lead up event to TechEd so it naturally ends very close to the start of TechEd. We wanted to announce the winners at TechEd.  This didn't leave a lot of time to both validate and give winners enough time to respond and accept. During this time, we only processed the grand prize level and left the other tiers until after TechEd. 

>Will the drawings for the tier 2 and 3 prizes be broadcasted live?

These are much larger pools of prizes.  We will hopefully be giving out hundreds of these prizes. I don't think anyone wants to sit and watch all that. 

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Thomas, thanks for your responses.
The validation and acceptance steps are understandable, although from a contestant's point of view, it would have been more exciting to watch a live drawing.