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Developer Advocate

Once again Devtoberfest and with it four weeks of fun and learning is over! Thank you all so much for your participation, your curiosity, creativity and your amazing photos during Petoberfest, Foodtoberfest, Famtoberfest and Desktoberfest! I can’t tell you how much we as Developer Adovcates enjoy this time of year where we can truly connect with all of you and share our passion! It is wonderful to see how strong the SAP Community is and how much we can achieve together! It is great to see participation from so much of the SAP Developer Community!

We had over 50.000 participants this year following this year’s topics:

  • Monday: 🟢 ABAP & CAP 
  • Tuesday: 🟣 SAP Build / Low- and No- Code 
  • Wednesday: 🔴 Integration 
  • Thursday: 🔵 Data, Analytics, & AI 
  • Friday: 🟠 Frontend 
  • And of course, 🟡 FunFriday! 

Some of my highlights: 

  1. September 18th, 2023 – on the first day of Devtoberfest the SAP Developers Youtube Channel had 9,933 views more views than any other day during Devtoberfest!  
  2. The sessions 🟢 Overview of ABAP Cloud, 🟢 ABAP Cloud for Classic ABAP Developers and 🟢 How to Clean your ABAP code in Seconds with ABAP Cleaner each already have more than 5000 views! 
  3. Don’t even get me started on 🟡 Petoberfest! - How cute are your pets? I loved all the pictures! Turtles, (baby) dogs, (baby) cats, fish, birds, rabbits! Thank you for sharing! 
  4. Famtoberfest – Nico our very own Developer Advocate took part and shared the newest member of the team! Congratulations Nico!Screenshot 2023-10-16 at 12.43.15.png
  5. 🟡 Foodtoberfest – Josh shared a cooking video! I will definitely try that myself! Fun fact: Şakşuka is my favorite dish from Turkey, where it is a totally different dish!
  6. Desktoberfest – How cute is your dog, @aancos_id2? noravonthenen_1-1697454784341.png


  7. Daniel’s Cryptic Crossword! - So much love and effort went into designing the puzzles and quizzes that @Dan_Wroblewski shared with us this year! Thank you! 
  8. 🟡 How Did I Miss That?@josh_bentley's question: What is the highest number between 1 and a million that does NOT contain the letter “N” (1 = one)? Share your answer in the comments! 
  9. The prizes! - A trip to SAP’s Newport Beach office in California, a call with Jürgen Müller, and many more! Winners to be announced at TechEd! 
  10. What was your highlight? Share it in the comments! 

Some statistics from this year!

We had a lot of viewers from around the world, but here are the highest-ranking cities that you watched sessions from: 


Devtoberfest 2023 viewers by city (top 5) 


Bengaluru is again first place and also ABAP is clearly winning the most watched topic! 


Devtoberfest 2023 top watched videos 

And sorry @josh_bentley but Playstation lost a lot of views! But who would have thought that SmartTV outranks Lunix this year? 


Devtoberfest 2023 views by operating system 

Thank you all for making the past four weeks so remarkable! Make sure to register for TechEd! Winners will be announced at TechEd right after the Developer Keynote!