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Developer Advocate
The backbone of Devtoberfest remains the educational content sessions. Devtoberfest is still an event designed for asynchronous consumption. While we will release content every weekday during Devtoberfest, it's all intended that you consume the content on your own schedule.
Devtoberfest 2020 Session ExampleDevtoberfest 2020 Session ExampleOn that subject here is an example from Devtoberfest 2020. The session in question had forty-four live viewers
originally. But over the last three years it's received over thirty thousand views. We want more of the kind of content that you find valuable during the event but can come back to repeatedly over the coming years.
This year's theme is making what you learn real for you. We want to share knowledge that you use. Maybe it's something you can use right away on your daily job. Or it's some foundational knowledge that will help you better understand announcements and innovations that will come out of SAP TechEd 2023.  There's so much content, it's hard to know where to start sometimes. But with Devtoberfest, we have collected content specifically designed to help people get started and then put that to use.


In 2022 we introduced the format of a topic per weekday, repeated each week of the event.  Feedback was overwhelmingly positive for this approach. This year we continue with this approach with only minor changes.  We heard that you wanted shorter sessions and more flexibility to spread the learning out. We again have five major topics this year but have combined CAP and ABAP together to make room for Integration topics. We've also added AI to the Data and Analytics day. So, if you are an ABAP or CAP developer, for example, you can return to Devtoberfest every Monday during the event and find content for you.  

We will also continue with the color coding of the topics from last year to make it easy to visually identify the topics you are most interested in.
The topics we plan are:
Monday: 🟒 ABAP & CAP
Tuesday: 🟣 SAP Build / Low- and No- Code
Wednesday: πŸ”΄ Integration
Thursday: πŸ”΅ Data, Analytics, & AI
Friday: 🟠 Frontend

All the session content is listed directly in the special Community Events Devtoberfest area. You can see all the sessions in the calendar or list view and drill in and see the content details.  As we get closer to the start date in September, we will add connection details such as URLs for joining the sessions or watching the recordings.  But even now you can already get an overview of dates and times for all the great educational content to come.

One tip for using the SAP Community Events area: when your profile is created, everyone is automatically set to the US Pacific time zone. We strongly recommend that you go to your SAP Community Settings and change the Preference for the Time zone to your correct value.  Then all events in the SAP Community area will be displayed in the correct date and time for your location.



There is also a video tutorial on choosing your sessions and using the events calendar:

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Hi Thomas,

Great new structure !


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Exciting stuff

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Hi @thomas_jung ,

Well organized and Interested to watch the contents 😎

- Sathees

ABAP RESTful Application Programming Model

User Interface 


Hi Thomas,

Devtober is a great event, I'm learning lots of stuff. I was wondering whether or not the slides are available. If they are, where can we find them?

Thanks a lot.



Am I the only one who is noticing the all the timestamps of last year even though the content seems to be for 2023?


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@manuish02 yeap, seems like they just changed 2022 for 2023 on all blog posts xD. But timestamp never lies 


Cheers ^_^

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way to little ABAP RAP this year