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User Locking During Transport

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Hi experts,

I am trying to lock a user's login while the transport is running.

Note that the person in charge of transports has been given the security policy for administrators.

On top of that, which method do you think is better to lock them?

(1) Dynamically change the parameter "login/server_logon_restriction=1" in RZ11

Set "SERVER_LOGON_PRIVILEGE=1" in the security policy for administrators.

(2) Local locking using the report "RSUSR_LOCK_USERS

Local lock users with security policy for non-admin.



Active Contributor

Both logon restrictions and locking users will only prevent incoming users from accessing the system, users already logon will remain able to transact.

There is a 3rd option, you can also use SM01 to lock the transactions affected by the transport, which will prevent people already in the system from accessing and transacting while the transport is been applied.

In general terms the best approach is still implementing the transport during a quiet time and communicate with the users to prevent issues during or post changes.

Regards, JP