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Unable to Register TCP/IP Program at OS Level in SAP: XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID Command Not Found

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Hello experts,

I am facing an issue while attempting to register a TCP/IP program at the OS level, following the steps outlined in SAP Note 353597. The specific command I'm using is: <PROGRAM> -a <PID> -g <HOST> -x <SERVICE>.

i.e XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID -a 40487 -g -x sapgw01.

I have executed this command from the directory /usr/sap/SID/HDB/exe, where the program is expected to reside, but I am encountering the error "XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID: command not found." The screenshot of the error is attached below.

According to my understanding, this command should be available in the /usr/sap/SID/HDB/exe directory. However, it seems that the system is unable to locate the executable.
I have checked the directory, and it contains other SAP executables, but the specific XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID command is not found. I have also followed the steps in the referenced SAP Note 353597 carefully.
Could you kindly guide me on how to resolve this issue? Am I missing any specific steps or configurations? Your assistance is highly appreciated.
Thank you


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Hello Experts,

I am trying to register the program using the following command:

spsadm@example:/usr/sap/S4H/SYS/exe/uc/linuxx86_64> rfcexec -aXI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID -xsapgw01

-sh: rfcexec: command not found

I recieve the error message rfcexec: command not found

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Hi Suresh,

Please go through below mentioned sap notes, hope they help.

1906868 - "Transaction program not registered" error occurred for IDOC_AAE

1989478 - IDoc_AAE Program XI_IDOC_DEFAULT_PID not registered