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Technical Monitoring Cockpit STMC

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i have problem with Technical Monitoring Cockpit (transaction STMC). After update my system with higher SPS (from SPS 13 -> SPS 15).

I did not start it, but the monitoring is running now. I do not know how I can stop this monitor. It create lot of RFC conection in SM59 type of HTTP Connections to External Server (TMC#AAKF5RMIZQPNXL42ILRS6COE6I). Why?

I have some error in SLG1

Error while receiving HTTP response (xxxxxxxxxxx); rc=411, error=Connect to xxxxxxxxxxxxx failed: NIECONN @16\QDetail exists@

@5C\QError@ [010] /STMC/CL_CR_HTTP_REQUEST======CM002 METHOD /STMC/IF_CR_HTTP_REQUEST~EXECUTE(242) @16\QDetail exists@

In program /STMC/RS_TM_SYNCHRONIZE in batch processing.

I think the standard job SAP_COLLECTOR_PERFMON_RSDOOS_MSC is starting some report from STMC category.

But this job is starting together with job SAP_COLLECTOR_FOR_PERFMONITOR.

I think the program /STMC* is new after I update system. It is possible to not use STMC?

I try delete the system from STMC. But system create it again.

Please help and let me know if the Technical Monitoring Cockpit is possible to stop.

I have:

SAP NETWEAVER 7.5 19 (09/2020)

EHP8 FOR SAP ERP 6.0 15 (09/2020)

SAP_BASIS 750 0019 SAPK-75019INSAPBASIS SAP Basis Component

Lot of RFC conection in SM59... is it normal?

I did not set anything, everything was done by the system itself after the update.

I delete host in transaction STMC but sysstem create it again 😞

Please help.


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Greetings michalrusina,

Be aware that by deactivating the monitoring means a series of statistics won't be collected and that could negatively influence on the system behavior, which is not something recommended. Configuration of the Data Collection for the Application Server ABAP

Instead, I would just remove the DB or Host for the Monitoring Landscape. Here is the SAP Help reference for that:

Adding a Database or Host to the Monitoring Landscape

Hope that helps with your topic. Please accept the answer.



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of course I try remove (delete) DB or Host from monitoring landscape. But i get this error

01.06.2021 07:44:16xxxxxxxError while creating instance; TMS_AAKF5RMIZQPOXMGTQLMSAZ2S7M not found in /STMC/TM_SYS.TM_SYS_ID

It seems then the host is deleted but when I log out and go to STMC host is here again.

I try delete it in the table /STMC/TM_SYS... it seems good but after some time system create host here again...

Please help. What I'm doing wrong while deleting a record?

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I solved this problem

Transaction ST03N
-> Collector and Performance DB
-> Performance Monitor Collection
-> Execution Times
Modify entry RSDOOS_MSC and uncheck all execution times to deactivate SAP_COLLECTOR_PERFMON_RSDOOS_MSC

Modify entry RSDOTM_SYN and uncheck all execution times to deactivate SAP_COLLECTOR_PERFMON_RSDOTM_SYN