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SQVI - VisualQuery not working

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Hi Guys,

I have an issue wherein when I create a query in SQVI. The diagram are not showing up. I noticed that the issue only happens in a specific desktop. I've tried same user in another desktop and it is working ok so I did a SAP GUI trace and found the below error logs.

Please advise.

*************** data from server *************** (27.08.20 13:18:43.212) Monitor: CMainFrame::OnDispRead begining at (27.08.20 13:18:43.212) Monitor: Reading Data from Dispatcher ... Monitor: INCOMING REQUEST msg: 0DF8F008 msg no 18 len 1540 timestamp (27.08.20 13:18:43.212) Monitor: CMainFrame::OnDispRead calling ReadDataStream() at (27.08.20 13:18:43.212)

<18=Monitor: <18=Monitor: Overhead->sessionHdl 0

<18=Monitor: Overhead->com_flag 0

<18=Monitor: Overhead->sessionState 0

<18=Monitor: Overhead->err_flag 0

<18=Monitor: Overhead->msg_type 0

<18=Monitor: Overhead->msg_info 1

<18=Monitor: Overhead->msg_rc 0

<18=Monitor: Overhead->compress 1


<18=Monitor: MB_CUR_MAX = 1; front code page = 65001

<18=Monitor: CSession::ReadDataStream: AgiParseStream called

<18=Monitor: CSession::ReadDataStream: AgiParseStream done

<18=Monitor: UpdateUser: user = |M0003|, lang = |EN|, code-page = 4110

<18=Monitor: Program name SAPMS38R

<18=(Error): CALL METHOD "CreateControl"[DispID=5] OF [#9/0x076810A8/101/{83658045-6571-3232-7082-797884697868}] #0: LONG "125" #1: STRING "SAPVisualQuery.VisualQuery" #2: LONG "1342177280" #3: LONG "10" IDispatch::Invoke raised exceptionException occurred


<18=(Error): *****************************ERROR OCCURED IN MODULE: [{83658045-6571-3232-7082-797884697868}]***********************************************************************************************

<18=(Error): PROGRAM_ID |MODULE_NAME |METHOD_NAME |ERROR DESCRIPTION |VERSION |GUI VERSION |MODULE_PATH | <18=(Error): *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************

<18=(Error): {83658045-6571-3232-7082-797884697868} |Class name not found |CreateControl |Create control failed |Version info not found |7500.2.8.1152 |Module doesnot exist |

<18=(Error): *********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************


<18=(Error): Exception fire by :SAP Frontend Server

<18=(Error): Exception info:Create control failed

<18=(Error): Exception code:65535

<18=Monitor: Double Buffering enabled


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Issue was resolved by reinstalling the SAP GUI

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Issue was resolved by reinstalling the SAP GUI