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SMQ1 and SMQ2

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Hi Folks,

What is the best way to find the data underlying the SMQ1 and/or SMQ2? I see lots of people have asked questions on these here but unfortunately, most are old and I am getting a broken link.

We have thousands stuck in SMq1 and I need a better way to know what queue relates to what kind of transmission? Are there any tables in which these stuck entries reside? E.g. if I have a message ID can I put it in some table or FM and find out what the error related to it could be?

Many thanks!


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Hi Yogesh,

1. Try to clear the queue which already getting stuck in the SMQ1, before that check the queue some time it may belong to the BI system extraction queue.

Refer the SCN thread

2. For the basic information about the SMQ1 & SMQ2

In SMQ1 QRFC Monitor for the outbound queue, for example, the data getting transferred from ERP to BI extraction, any other ERP module data transfer.

In SMQ2 transaction code used for QRFC Monitor Inbound Queue in SAP. or example, the data getting transferred from ERP to PI/XI