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SBWP - Documents from shared folder are automatically moving to trash folder

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Hi Experts,

We have recently encountered an issue in transaction SBWP of our ECC Production system, where many files are automatically getting deleted from the original folders and moved to Shared Trash folder. As of now, there are approximately ~25K such files.

As per our initial troubleshooting, it was observed that the files are automatically picking up some expiration date, but we could not figure out where from the date is being picked up. After removing the expiration date, the files are moving back to their respective folders, but after sometime, again the same issue is happening.

We need to retrieve all documents/files in original folders. Can you please help here? Thanks


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We had exactly the same problem and after some time the folder in the trash folder has been deleted. The

folder containd distribuition lists.

@shweta.chitnis2 did you find any explanation for this? thanks.

Can you please help? Thanks.


Maria João Rocha