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SAP Netweaver 7.52 Installation

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we are trying to install the new standalone 7.52 for trying out new options of CDS and AMDP..

we are getting struck to identify the SAPEXE and SAPEXEDB as we could not find the standalone installation file for kernal

Would be a great help if any one share your experience.




Here you will find the answers to your questions 😉

Please selct the OS and DB as per your requirements.

Link :



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Hello Sarveshvaran

As Manjunath suggested, you need to download the SAPEXE.SAR and SAPEXEDB.SAR files that correspond to latest patch of NW 7.52 OS/DB combination that fits your installation.

Then you need to extract them with SAPCAR to a directory in the system where the software provisioning tool is running.

Then when confronted with the screen to specify the paths, like this one:

You need to select the package path where you did extract (SAPCAR -x) both SAPEXE and SAPEXEDB.

The tool shoud find them, mark the status as Available and let you continue

Hope it helps.

Regards, Rafael.