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Sap license identification

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I have a question and a problem. We have about 400 users and licenses. Due to the user rotation some licenses are released - they are without a user, but they charge the MPK of some department, because they were bought there and that's ok. When there is a need to create a new user in another department, I check if I have something free and I assign, but I do not know whose license I am using and after a few such changes I do not know how much and what type of license I had in a specific department. I would like to know which (what / type) are assigned to a specific user, so that when he leaves, I know which license was from which department and whether to leave the cost of the license in this department, or transfer it to another department. Do licenses have any unique numbers? How can I do a list of what I currently have?

There is only a lack of information about assigning particular license to this particular user.

I would like to see it like this:

User: unique license number: Its type(IF POSSIBLE):
JSMITH 0873HJDJF848993393 my SAP ERP Professional

When JSMITH leaves from the HR department and a few other users from other departments, I would like to know besides that I have, for example, 4 free Professional licenses, also something that identifies them with people and departments.

I hope I have clearly described the idea and I am asking for help. I am a beginner and such step-by-step instructions would be very welcomed.



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This is achievable in case you are using "User group" or if Department is maintained on Users profile.

If you have user group assigned to users, then you can use "USMM" and trigger "System measurement" and download the result in a spreadsheet and use that as a baseline.Else in case user group is not used but Department in maintained in user profile then fetch the list of users department wise and further use USMM to get the results and combine those.

However you won't get any unique license number or so but you will get the details of users with assigned licenses which could be handy when you rotate licenses.

Hope this is of some help to you.

Best regards,