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Hello Everyone,

We have an custome tcode, while we accessing it, in column Test Code prefix number need to be shown. Test code is not showing in one terminal server(client login's) GUI version is 730 and now upgraded to 750 eventhough still issue persist. Any suggestions on this to fix.

Attached snapshot of the SAP.


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Hi dineshneten,

Is this issue only occurs in 1 of your systems or does the expected prefix no is getting shown in any of your other systems

Anyways, to get the details executed, the SAP-GUI location in the local system would require OS-level permission to write cache & then show the necessary. So, my suggestion would be to allow permission on the SAP-GUI folder in your terminal server

Reference SAP Note: 138869, 2035293

Also it would be great if you could attach the custom code program



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Hello Kaushik Debnath,

I have given permission for SAP GUI folder in terminal server but still facing same issue.

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This is a SAPGui setup

> Option > Visualization > display the key in the dropdown list

(it is a free translation 😉 )

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Hello Frederic Girod,

Yes, this have fixed my issue.

Thank You.