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S/4HANA installation error connect to HANA Database

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I am trying to install S/4HANA.

I have SAP HANA installed in its host and trying to install S4 on another host.

In HANA Database (2.0 SP 5) there is no tenant database yet.

I am getting error in SWPM in step:

SAP HANA Database for SAP System. Apparently it is not able to access the HANA Database in port 30013.

When I connect to HANA Database from hdbsql:

Connected .... @localhost:30013.

When I connect from HANA Studio nameserver for SYSTEMDB is listening on port 30001.

When I check on OS level:

# ss | grep 30013

apparently there is no service listening on that port.

Could somebody help? SWPM want to connect on port 30013 but something is not ok.


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Greetings albinary!

By revisiting similar reported issues, a tenant DB will be required to carry on with the install, which can be done separately from the S/4 install or as part of it in SWPM

NOTE: Starting with HANA 2.0 SPS 01, MDC is the default option. When you install HANA Database, by default a SYSTEMDB and one tenant with same SID will be created together.

The post below has all the information you need to carry on with your S/4 HANA install

S/4HANA 1909 FPS00 Installation: Part 2 – Installation and Upgrade | SAP Blogs

Good luck and do not be shy to share your progress.

Please accept the answer if it helped to address your topic.



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Hi albinary,

Please check if you have maintained the public IP for the HANA DB hostname in the /etc/hosts file.

Try restarting your HANA DB.


Sujitha R