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Runtime Errors 'DBSQL_NO_MORE'

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Hello experts,

My isuue is when I am going to create a program in transaction SE37, it is throughing the Runtime error 'DBSQL_NO_MORE' with short text 'No resources available for further secondary database connections.' and 'The resources for further secondary database connections have been used up.' Can you please guide me to solve this error.

Thanking you sir.


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Your program is trying to open a secondary database connection, and there aren't enough resources to do it.

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Your short dump explains why: If "Cannot open more than 16 connections" appears here, reason 2 applies. If not, reason 1 applies.

If you need further help, please attach the complete short dump as a zipped text file, not the screenshots of few first lines.

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Hi Suresh

From your primary to secondary DB connections in Sync mode? if it is yes means make the connection async and check the secondary DB data files disk space. if possible check with DB admin.



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we have the same error ? did your issue get resolved. how can we fix it ?

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The OP has never answered the questions from experts here and never posted any feedback, why asking now?

Better post your own question, and PLEASE be kind by answering experts and posting a feedback to help future visitors 😉