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Please help guide me

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I have been in IT for 25 years. My wife is back in college and is almost finished with supply chain and marketing and she has been using SAP and I’ve had to help her navigate the software and it being my first time and being technologically sound I navigate it decently well. I would like to be a consultant as I’m nearing retirement with my current job with the school system. What route should I take? What certs and beginning learning do u need to go for?  So where do I begin if I want to be on the consulting side? Like help users navigate and support the software? Thank you so much


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you can look for freelancing or consulting jobs that you can do on the side with your current job, that sounds like a more easier route to me

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Yes, but what cert do I get? What do I study for that particular cert? 

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You mention school system. If your experience is in education then have you considered the training aspect?

In my experience many of the people who give training / prepare training material don't have the education background. While their knowledge, training material and presentation is often excellent, it doesn't necessarily take into consideration the different ways, different people learn.

What I am thinking is "train the trainer".

Good luck with the career change.


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SAP is a huge Eco-System and you didn't clearly state what area of SAP you want to get into ... Have you (through your wife or others) only dealt with a specific On-Prem or Cloud Solution? Have you seen a specific Module of a huge ERP or is it a specific non-ERP Solution? Does a specific Business Area or UX or Technology spark your interest?

We can't give you much advice as long as the specifics are unknown. I would suggest to browse through the SAP Learning Journeys online and determine what specific (Technical - TechnoFunctional - Functional) area you would like to become more knowledgeable of. You can search the site based on Knowledge Level / Role / ... to get insights on basic learning, certification etc.

Hope this helps

Nic T.