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Incorrect value of response times in ST03

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Hello Experts

Few weeks before we are facing very high value of response times in our ECC server. 1 CI + 4 Apps.

Very high response time showing in ST03 but in ACTUAL there is no delay in accessing those t-codes. Every day once or twice the response times is very very high This is occurring intermittently in any of the CI/App servers servers of ECC system. We have checked the stad report which is normal. System is fine there is no complain from any end. Just in ST03 the values are very abnormal. Please suggest to rectify the issue.

Time intervalNumber of Dialog StepsTotal Response Time (s)Average response Time/Dialog Step (ms)Total Processing Time (s)Avg. Processing TimeTotal CPU Time (s)Average CPU Time (ms)Total Database Time (s)Ø DB Time (ms)T Time for DB Procedure Accesses (s)Ø Time/DB Procedure Call (ms)Total Roll Wait Time (s)Ø Roll Wait TimeTotal Wait Time (s)Average Wait Time per Dialog Step (ms)Number of Roundtrips12--1352553898071708.913845263.411794224.4642641222.90.00.011085210.9981.96974313--14333052767012232218308098580.49837295.47706231.4347821044.40.00.09364281.22767011687968308096946.34464714--15357491106805288093096045450.59980279.26643185.8396811110.00.00.011369318.01106804668553096043717.44702815--1647344605021277.911717247.58938188.836485770.60.00.011753248.2881.967701


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Hi Prakash.

1. End users are allow to logon on CI ? Could you share the AL08 screenshot? and also Very high response time showing in all the SAP system (CI & 4 App) or any one of the App servers?

2. Could you share you SAP version details?