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Huge data in table ARFCSSTATE

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Hello Guys,

I have a concern regarding the table ARFCSSTATE/ARFCSDATA.

We have 5 specific interfaces with RFC communication between SAP and an external non SAP system. All the data exchanges are stored in these two tables.

From my understanding, once the exchange is completed the status goes from RECORDED to EXECUTED and the data gets deleted from table but in my case all the exchanges remain in RECORDED status and thus the data is not deleted from the tables which are growing quickly.

I am wondering if it the normal process or if some actions may be taken in order to update the RFC status.

One precision, the RFCs are qRFCs as the field ARFCSSTATE-ARFCRETURN contains a value.

If it's normal that RFC status keep in status RECORDED, then I need to program a job on standard report

RSTRFCQDS to delete the entries.

Thank you for your help.



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Hello Christophe,

If the status is RECORDED, I would guess that you can see the corresponding entries at the transaction SMQ1.

If you see them there, then it means that they were not processed yet.

The entries are automatically deleted from the RFC tables only after they have been successfully executed.



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Hello Isaias,

Thank you for your answer.

I can see these entries in the transaction SMQ1.

The entries are quite old - beginning of last year and I can see in the SLG1 that the process (in my case it's an interface to update the production order confirmation) is correctly done so I do not why the status get not updated to EXECUTED.

I am wondering if the external system has something to do ( i.e call a function module) in order to get the status updated.

I would like to delete these datas as they are quite old but I would like to understand why the data status do not get updated.

Thank you