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How to connect sap s/4 hana with an external database in oracle 19c. for a secondary connection

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Hi all,

There is a sap application server, it has a REDHAT 8.4 operating system and the sap kernel that is installed is 7.81 for ppc64le 64bit

make the configuration as indicated in the note: 819829

- The oracle 19c client was installed

* mkdir -p / oracle / client / 19

* cd /oracle/client/19; SAPCAR -xvf <stage> /OCL1964.SAR

* ln -s /oracle/client/19/instantclient_19000 /oracle/client/19/instantclient

- Check and Update the path variable for dynamically linked libraries ('LD_LIBRARY_PATH', 'SHLIB_PATH', 'LIBPATH'), to update the .dbenv * and .sapenv * files, so that the environment variable has LD_LIBRARY_PATH and a path pointing instant customer

- The tnsnames.ora and sqlnet.ora files were created and placed in the path /oracle/client/19/instantclient

-also check the blog

but when reviewing the note and the block indicates that I must execute the command: ldd

But the kernel SAP KERNEL 7.81 64-BIT UNICODE / LINUX ON POWER LE 64BIT for redhat, sap has not released the library for oracle (SAPDB ...) and download it.

Please, who can help me understand how I make this connection, because as I see it, it is not possible to establish this connection, from REDHAT 8.4 as, sap has not released the connection libraries to Oracle.

and from what I understand without the library I cannot establish this connection.

I would greatly appreciate your help.

Thank you

Jose Barrera


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Hi, did you find a workaround?

Best Regards


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hi jan,

the solution was to make a connection from the application and not between the databases