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Different print at same time to different printer from on transaction SAP

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Hi All,

We need to print to labels via 2 different printer generated by same custom transaction in SAP hana.

Please guide how this can be done as user has only one default printer.



In Transaction SPAD it is possible to create a "Pool Output Device".
A Pool Output Device is just a logical device which sends the spool to several Output Devices.
So if this Pool Output Device will be set in the application, then the spool of the application will be sent to several (other) Output Devices, making a "parallel print".

  1. In transaction SPAD create a new Output Device as usual
  2. While editing this new Output Device switch to tab "Access Method" and select "Host Spool Access Method" = 'P'
  3. Switch to the "DevicePool" tab
  4. Select "Send to All Devices in Pool"
  5. Enter the Output Devices into the list which are needed for the output.
    Please ensure that all of these Output Devices (including the Pool Output Device, which you are editing now) use the same Device Type
  6. Save, set this Pool Output Device in the application, test print.

Hi Mohammad,

Thanks for your qucik reply, I will check this basis team.