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CCMS RZ20 Monitoring Background Jobs

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Hi Experts,

All seems easy but something wrong…

What I want do:

l need configure e-mail notification Background Jobs witch status “Canceled” by adding Auto-reaction method.

In table ALBTCMON add name of my background jobs, saved it and transport to production system.

In t-code RZ20 in production system, I opened tree SAP CCMS Technical Expert Monitors - All Monitoring Contexts - Background - Background Job Monitoring and see names of my Background Jobs, what I added in table ALBTCMON, but when I open tree, in some jobs are not have full branch (Details of Current Job, Status, Log of Current Job, Runtime, Delay, Delay + Runtime, History, History) I only have Details of Current Job (add the picture).

But some Jobs in production system from table ALBTCMON displayed normal, they have Details of Current Job, Status, Log of Current Job, Runtime, Delay, Delay + Runtime, History, History.

In test system all jobs displayed normal.

What I do wrong?

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Vitali,

I am curious as to why you transport these?

You can simply go to RZ21-->Goto-->Define Background Job monitoring and maintain Jobs there.

Can you try it?

Another thing you can try is,

Goto RZ11

1. Topology-->Context Overview. Note the segment Name assigned to "Background" context name

2. Switch to Local Segments, and go to change mode, select the segment name from above and select Reset segment in "warmup" status.

This should regenerate the tree in few minutes.



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HI Imtiaz Karedia,

I did that with transport because change add rows in table, I can’t do it in production system.

I opened in RZ21, deleted background jobs save it, and than add name of my background jobs.

P.s. all jobs what I added in table ALBTCMON was there.

After few minutes I checked tree in RZ20 and background jobs was bee added but nothing change, branch not full, only Details of Current Job, nothing change ((

I also did yours second recommendation, goto in RZ21 and Reset segment in "warmup" status.

Nothing change ((

I should shay about something strange, when I added 5 jobs, in one of them appeared full branch, after I repeat (RZ21-->Goto-->Define Background Job) none of them does not have full branch.

Best regards,

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Perhaps there is some limit of background tasks that can be monitored in RZ20?

Best regards,

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Hello, I have exactly the same issue. I put less than 10 JOBs into the list and full branch has appeared