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Sap connection by DNS

hello every one. I want to install SAP IDEAS . But I don't have static IP . As it is not allowed to get one in our country . So I am using dynamic DNA by no-ip web service. It give me hostname not IP address . So it is ok to use it instead of ...

Resolved! SCC4 vs SE06

Hi, Is it a correct statement if I say that, whatever the state SE06 is (modifiable or non-modifiable), if SCC4 is closed (no change allowed and no change to repository/cross-client customizing objects), no change can be done whatsoever to any obje...

Password Policy

Hello SAP experts, I am working on password policy. I would to implement the following requirement : Password MUST contain characters from three of the four following rules:  Upper case letters (A through Z)  Lowercase letters (a through z...

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