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Do you always want to use SAPUI5 for your business, but don't know where to get started? Then, this article is going to be very useful as you will find all the essential information for using SAPUI5 for web development. We’ll talk about the basics of SAPUI5, the technology used, perks, SAPUI IDE, and, why SAPUI5 framework? So, without any further delay, let's dive into further details.

Why the SAPUI5 Framework?

Before discussing why to use SAPUI5 Framework, let's first get the basics right by talking about what exactly is SAPUI5?

SAPUI5 is a development toolkit with HTML5 as its base. In other words, we can say that SAPUI5 is a framework which comprises an extensive collection of JS(Javascript) libraries.

This framework allows you to create amazing web applications not only on mobile but also on desktop. However, here's a crucial thing you need to understand that to create dynamic and interactive web applications, you will require the use of not only JS libraries, but also CSS.

It's worth mentioning here that internet applications that are developed using SAPUI5 are responsive not only on tablets, smartphones but also on desktops.

There should be no doubt that SAP helps to create robust web applications. SAP also offers unique customization features. It is highly significant to understand that SAP is primarily useful for creating browser-based business applications.


Now, we'll make you understand what SAP web IDE is. IDE stands for an Integrated development environment. In simple words, SAP IDE is a web-based development tool. Also, it's important to mention here that SAP Web IDE makes use of SAPUI5 frameworks as well as OpenUI5 to develop JS (Javascript) apps. In case you don't know what OpenUI5 is, then you should make note that it is a JS(Javascript) UI library. OpenUI5 is open source.

Technologies Used in SAPUI5

In this section, we'll list out some of the technologies that are used in SAPUI5.

1) HTML5

HTML stands for Hypertext Markup language, HTML5 is the latest version of HTML5.

It's very significant to mention here that only the brand new versions of browsers support HTML5, for instance, Firefox 24, Opera16, Chrome 29, etc.

SAPUI5 makes use of HTML5 technology which features the use of Meta Tags to enhance the user experience.

In addition to that, HTML5 offers local storage, with HTML5, you can make use of Diagrams, Charts or Graphs, this will help to provide an amazing indicative experience to the user.

Graphical representations can be embedded in web pages, thanks to the SVG feature of HTML5.

For the development of mobile applications, HTML5 offers special Meta Tags for that purpose.

2) CSS-Cascading Style Sheets

The way different HTML elements are displayed on the screen is decided by CSS. The layout of different web pages is managed by CSS. CSS controls all the GUI (Graphical User Interface) components.

3) AJAX(Asynchronous JavaScript and XML)

AJAX makes direct communication with the server possible through which you can update the web pages asynchronously.

With the help of AJAX, a web developer can quickly transfer data to a web server as well as read data from a server. It's also worth mentioning here that AJAX is not at all a programming language.


jQuery is an open-source Javascript library. This JS library makes "Write Less, Do More" possible.

jQuery has been designed for the simplification of Javascript for web developers.

The various features of jQuery are as follows-

  • Lightweight 

  • Comes with AJAX support 

  • Supports Event Handling and CSS manipulation

Perks of using SAPUI5 for Web Development 

Before this section, we have already discussed how SAPUI5 makes use of amazing techniques such as HTML5, CSS, AJAX, and jQuery, let us discuss some of the other perks of using SAPUI5.


  • SAP Fiori, SAP Netweaver Gateway, SAP HANA are some of the amazing products based on SAPUI5 technology

  • Supports data transfer technologies such as oData, XML, and JSON.

  • SAPUI5 comes with support for audio as well as video

  • SAPUI5 offers customized JavaScript libraries that help in the development of a Graphical User Interface. As a web developer, using SAPUI5 is very beneficial as it provides various UI controls to assist you in creating interactive web applications. 

  • Since SAP supports SVG (SVG stands for Scalable Vector Graphics), you can conveniently add graphical representations as well as animations. 

  • SAPUI5 can be used for developing applications for both desktop as well as mobile devices 

  • Utilizing SAPUI5 helps in reducing manual errors, helps in enhancing levels of productivity, so for people running a business, using SAP for web development will be an optimum choice. 

  • SAP features Drag and Drop, timed media player, document editing, etc., hence offering a rich user experience 

  • There should be no doubt that the SAP system provides great performance. 

  • Many predefined layouts are also available in SAP.

  • SAP offers various standard themes based on CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)

  • SAPUI5 makes use of Model-View-Controller (MVC).

  • The concept of MVC allows a web developer to create web applications as well as make changes to the web application separately

  • SAP's Fiori is known for its excellent accessibility features like Keyboard support; this feature helps in saving much time for the web developer 

So, we are pretty sure that you have got so many reasons to consider using SAPUI5 for web development. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, we hope that you found the article insightful. A web developer needs to be occupied with the latest information as well as have a good grasp of the basic concepts. So, keeping that in mind, SAPUI5 can simplify the web development process for you. Also, don't forget to avail the exciting offers that you get with Responsive Themes coupons. If you have any doubts or suggestions related to this article, feel free to write it down in the comments.
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