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Active Participant

SAP BASIS Administrator: The more rights in the system the more responsibility.

additional verification, additional call to the user and additional backup will not be superfluous


Symptoms of zombie processes

Transaction - SM50 (Work Processes of AS Instance)

WP Status - "Running" and Time - <Abnormal values>

For example Time on screen

3296541 seconds -> approx. 38 days (absolutely abnormal values)

Addition verification:

Transaction - SM04 (User Sessions of AS Instance)

Verification of abnormal situation - Session for the user from previous screenshot not exists in the list


You try to execute

SM50->Administration->Work Processes->Cancel with/without core

but no results

Resolution for Windows

  1. Open Powershell as Administrator

  2. Get-Process -id <Process ID from SM50>

  1. Stop-Process -id <Process ID from SM50> -force

Resolution for Linux

  1. Logon as the root user

  2. ps aux | grep <Process ID from SM50>

  3. kill -9 <Process ID from SM50>


SAP BASIS Routine task with examples from real life was provided
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