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State Fair of Texas

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State Fair of Texas

Hello #Dallas people. I am glad to share the #TexasStateFair this year takes place between Sept 30th and Oct 23rd. Full details can be found at https://bigtex.com/


What is popular about this fair?

The most popular thing about this fair is the #friedFood contest. Truly, every year, participants come up with crazy fried foods and compete for the newest best fried food.

Some of the previous year’s fried foods include fried ice cream, fried beer, fried butter, fried twinkie.

For the 2022 the participating fried foods are: https://bigtex.com/state-fair-of-texas-announces-2022-big-tex-choice-awards-food-competition-semi-fi...


Where does it take place?

The Texas state fair always takes place at the Fair Park located at: 3809 Grand Ave, Dallas, TX 75210

You may use this map to get around. https://bigtex.com/plan-your-visit/map/


Why is it famous?

The main reason why I like going to the state fair is to look at the Auto show; which features various auto brands, fried food; it has been a staple of the fair since I remember, fletchers corn dogs; which is a very popular thing at the fair, and the Red River Rivalry football game between Texas and Oklahoma which is hosted at the Cotton Bowl – stadium at Fair Park, this year on Oct 8th 2022 #hookEm.


If you have been to the State Fair before, what are some of your favorite spots, foods, or traditions of the fair?