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YF01 and EK01 condition

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I am trying to get an clear overviewed look in the DMR.

Correct purchase price, correct sales price, discount, tax and the the total price. But in the DMR there are some condition that shall not be there and my question is:

  1. YF01- I wonder where does the YF01 catch up data from? Is it on material lever and if so, from where and how to change that?
  2. EK01 - Where does this catch up data from? Is it from PB00 condition or is it possible to change the EK01 Actual Cost on materials? And if soo: Where do I change that?

This is how it looks now:

This is how it SHOULD look like:

(I manually have to delete the YF01 condition. If not, the sales price will be 1345 x 250% 4709,88 and that is not correct)


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