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Upgrading SmartEdit from 6.4 to 2205 Contextual Menu not loading

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I have upgraded our solution from Hybris 6.4 to SAP CX 22.05.7 with steps at 6.7 and 20.11. We use SmartEdit to edit the CMS.

The top menu works fine, I can browse through the navigation / page list and also see all components. However, I do not get the contextual menu for our content slots when I switch the page to edit mode. The preview of the page does not change whether I am in preview or any of the edit modes. I can drag new components onto the preview area but I cannot drop them in any existing content slots.

There are no error messages in the js console in the browser, I just get those warnings:

Failed to load legacy AngularJS module cmssmartedit into legacySmartedit; SmartEdit functionality may be compromised.

It worked fine in version 20.11.

We use the old legacy cms tld from the storefront:

<%@ taglib prefix="cms" uri="" %>
<cms:pageSlot position="Section1" var="feature">
<cms:component component="${feature}" element="div" class="clazz"/>
Is the old legacy SmartEdit functionality no longer supported in 22.05 or what am I missing?
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hey andreas.estermann , did you manage to solve this issue? If so, please, could you post the fix?


alemasetto : Unfortunately not yet. I had to work on some interface issues and will get back to this in the next weeks.

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I have had time to get back to the issue and found the problem in my case.

The file was missing in the smarteditaddon extension (modules\smartedit\deprecated\smarteditaddon\

The location of the extension changed so that the file was not created during the customize task in the build process (it was created in the wrong place).

As a consequence the smarteditaddon.js was missing on all pages.

<script type="text/javascript" src="/_ui/addons/smarteditaddon/responsive/common/js/smarteditaddon.js"></script>

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