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Updating products tags in C4C from S4 and searching products using tags in sdk

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Hi Team,

My client is one of the largest food service provider with lots of food related products, so multiple products can have names with same characters(e.g. cheese, chicken..). It becomes really difficult to place an order when user in C4 searches with keyword like "chicken" and see 50 or sometimes more than 100 product lines to select. We want to enable the tags against each product so sales rep or service rep can easily place an order. Based on this context, could you please provide information for below queries:

1) Is there any way to update the product tags using data workbench in C4C or using an interface to replicate the product tags from S4 system?

2) If tags somehow are replicated to C4C product master then how can I use the tags in custom code to search products based on tags?

3) If above two are not feasible then any other design I can implement in C4?

Thanks in advance!



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