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UI5 applicaiton Session timeout in calling CPI iflow

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Need help in resolving the issue I am facing.

I have developed a UI5 application which onload calls CPI iflows to fetch information from the Microsoft Azure odata services. And this UI5 application is embedded in SAP C4C as an HTML mashup in an iframe. Please note that all the SAP applications are configured so that they went through Azure SSO including SAP C4C, SAP BTP, and other applications.

Now, I am able to access the SAP UI5 application in the iframe when I first time accessing the SAP C4C system in the browser, but when idle for some time, and then refresh the browser, then I am facing this issue.

The SAP C4C application is refreshing the iframe tab with the UI5 application with the new session(SSO), but the UI5 failed to call the CPI iflows. In the browser trace, it shows that the CPI destination URL is being called with the correct endpoint, but it's giving a 401 au authorized error. Please note that this is happening only when the SAP C4C is idle for some time. in the console.log, I can see that the data like buildingNr etc are passing between C4C and UI5 each time, but, its failed to invoke iflow destination url with the endpoint. Below is the code snippet of the function which is again called in the init method and the error screenshot.

Is there any session configuration I need to give in UI5 application? or is it the problem of SSO? or any other I am missing?

Please give me your valuable input.


Kiran Kumar Vemula.

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I suspect that whatever authentication was setup has expired and need to be refrehsed.

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the destination was created with basic authentication. So, no expiry.

Moreover, the application is calling the CPI iflows via destination many times when on a new session or log off and close the browser and open it again. But failed to call when the idle session is invoked.

I want to understand how the UI5 application and BTP destination authentication mechanism works. Any link appriciated.